Roll-Call is a new an up-and-comer in the IT Security atmosphere and we are making waves

The newest evolution in cyber security

Roll-Call’s mission is to be the company that develops and delivers the most advanced solutions commercially available to our clients. As a Veteran owned business at our core is a sense of honor and duty. Many of our experts have backgrounds in military, intelligence, and law enforcement and we are dedicated to the defense of Texas organizations from the full range of cyber adversaries.

Our Approach

The Human Element

Appliances, Appliances, Appliances! Every company we have ever consulted for is under the belief that the more money they throw at security appliances and software the more secure they are. This could not be further from the truth. Our “Red Team” proves that wrong 99% of the time. Automation software and security appliances are great tools, but without human governance they are just very expensive toys.

Proactive vs. Reactive

At Roll-Call we stand against the unwanted human presence within our clients corporate networks by attacking the root of the problem, the enemy’s ability to gain entry and remain undetected. Real-time pursuit operations identify signs of planned and active attacks and take action to neutralize them, forming the basis of our comprehensive approach to limiting your security exposure.


Industries We Serve