Defining Our Internet Service

In order to make good decisions a person must be well informed. Our goal at Roll-Call Security & Communications is to keep our customers informed of what they are getting at all times. Before we can explain the services and solutions we offer, we need to clear up some definitions and confusion first.

What is your billing policy?

The system we use is forward billing, this means you pay 1 month in advance, and primarily our service is month to month. The billing date is always the 2nd of each month. Why do we do this? Well, because you are the customer. You have an 11 day grace period from the 2nd of each month for those that need flexibility in their billing.

For Equipment bills these are billed the day of or the day after your installation was successfully completed. The General policy is Roll-Call gives each customer 30 days from the installation date to pay for any equipment provided. In circumstances where this can hurt the customer or make service untenable, we will extend it to 60 days from installation.

For installation fee, this is due within 3 days of installation completion. Most customers pay at the time they sign the acceptance agreement.

NOTE: Failure to pay any of these three areas within the time frames, and not notifying Roll-Call customer service (via email, service ticket, US mail or phone call) will result in service suspension. (there is no fee to reconnect, just pay your bill). If service remains in suspension for 35 days beyond original due date, your service will be terminated and radio device reset to factory conditions. Recconnect will require a site visit and a $25 provisioning fee plus first months service up front.


Although we could never think of adding any fees to your bill, we do love people who chose to go paperless with their invoices. We love it so much, we automatically give a $1 credit on each bill we don't have to send in the mail. If we send a paper bill it does incur a $1 monthly charge.


You are always welcome to send in your payment by mail in the form of a check to your local service office, or you can stop by in person and enjoy a cup of coffee while making your payment in person via check, money order, cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discovery. We will also be giving the ability to pay online via those methods as well, just in case you didn't feel like stopping by and saying hello. We prefer automatic draft billing as it saves our customers time and money as well as saving us time and money.

Does Roll-Call charge installation fees?

Yes. We charge a one-time flat installation fee of $175.00 which covers the installation of all equipment, cabling, PoE, and assisting the customer get their own router hooked up and set-up correctly. This installation fee also covers the installation warranty. If in the first year, anything happens to your service or equipment, the site visit is covered.

Does Roll-Call charge for the equipment?

Yes and No. If do you mean we charge rent for the equipment, absolutely not. However, we do charge fair market value for the equipment to each customer, and then the customer owns the equipment. We also provide a general warranty for 1 year on the equipment. If at anytime the customer does not want our service, they can sell the equipment back to us, or sell it online for current fair market value.

Does Roll-Call provide a WIRELESS router?

Yes, we can. Just ask your service rep. Truthfully you can find much better ones that are affordable just about anywhere.


We are a veteran owned company, and we will always be thankful and grateful to our service men and women for what they do. All verified veterans will receive 10% off of their monthly bills and 10% off of installation and equipment. Be sure to add that you are a veteran or actively serving in the military in the comments section of our request form, or you may call us to let us know. Discounts are good for one year, and do not automatically renew. You must remind us. We also offer an active duty military discount, Police and Fire discounts and senior citizen discount as well.

Will bad storms knock out my internet service?

The most direct answer we can give to that question is 95% of the time, NO. However storms here can get pretty bad sometimes and come with high winds. If the winds are strong enough to blow shingles off of rooftops or knock over trees, chances are your receiver will be damaged as well. If this occurs we will see it on our monitoring service and dispatch a technician to your home or business to get it up and running. If your service is out for longer than 6 hours, you will be given credit for that day. If we provided the equipment and did the installation for you, all of that is covered under our warranty.

How do I order Streaming TV Service?

We have teamed up with Sling TV, Hulu and PlayStation Vue to offer our customers HDTV that streams live over our internet services. To order one of those two service you will have to go to our store and click on the item you want to try or just go to their respective sites directly. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Unlike the traditional TV services that require expensive subscriptions, equipment rentals and long unbreakable contracts. These services are pay as you go, cancel anytime, no fees needed TV service that's live and comes with great channel line ups that you can customize. It will require you to have something to watch it on though, like a TV. We recommend using the Corporal service or higher for best performance. We also recommend using the Roku 4 or Amazon Fire TV box, which we carry.

Can I buy my own equipment?

Yes. You do not have to use our equipment at all. We do need to verify the equipment you are buying is compatible though. Also note that we do not warranty user procured devices.

Can I do my own install?

Yes. If you want to do your own installation, or have reservations about our technicians doing it for you, you are more than welcome to do so. We will walk you through the process of doing the install over the phone or skype. Instead of the standard installation charge we only charge $25 for the walkthrough.

Do you offer email services?

No. We do not offer managed email services to residential or small business customers directly. We do however offer recommendations on such services and where you can find them. For enterprise customers we do offer managed email.

Dedicated Service vs. standard Service?

When you order typical internet services from commercial carriers for your home or business, what you are typically getting is called asynchronous service. Regardless of who you purchase internet services through, there are bandwidth limitations on the hardware and infrastructure they are using. Lets say for example Company A has a max bandwidth of 500 Megabits per second upload and the same download. Ordinarily this means a company is limited on the number of subscribers that can use the bandwidth. Unless, they institute asynchronous service. With that kind of service there may be 3 times as many users on the bandwidth as it can support.

So what does that mean for you?

Well, that means the more people that are on that network, the slower everyone's speed will get until it ultimately just crashes causing service outages. "Company A" might be charging you $50.00 a month for 6 Megabits down and 1 Megabit Up, but in all actuality during peak usage times you are more than likely only getting 1 Megabit Down and less that 1/4 of a Megabit Up (256 Kilobits). That is because no matter how fast they say your speeds can reach up to, you are only going to get what the service backhaul is capable of supporting. So if there are 2,000 customers on that 500Mbps backhaul and they all subscribed to the "Company A" 6/1Mpbs service, just do the math. Don't get us wrong, it is a great model for a business to make a TON of money, but it is always at the expense of the customer.

So how do we at Roll-Call fix that?

Easy, we instituted synchronous (sometimes known as dedicated) service for our customers. When you order a speed package from us, that is EXACTLY what you get, 24 hours a day without regard to peak times. It means that here at Roll-Call, we monitor the number of active subscribers we have, and keep them at a level that stays at or under our bandwidth limitations to ensure quality of service at all times. What you see, is exactly what you get!

Megabits vs. Megabytes?

This is often confusing to customers and we just wanted to clear it up here. a "bit" is smaller than a "byte" and as a matter of fact there are 8 bits in each byte. So it stands to reason Megabits per second (seen as Mbps) is significantly slower that Megabytes per second (seen as MBps). All internet and network throughput speeds are logged in Megabits per second NOT Megabytes per second, EVER.

Upload vs. Download?

When you order services from "Company A" you might notice that your download speed is higher than your upload speed. For some people this is fine, and it allows your internet service provider to sell bulk upload speeds to companies that supply things like video streaming, music streaming and other such things. What most do not realize is your upload speed is just as important as your download speeds. True speed tests are derived from file transfers between two separate computers. Your download speed is only as good as the other sides upload speed. So if your sending family photos to grandma, and grandma has a download speed of 5Mbps, but your upload speed is 1Mbps, then grandma is only going to get them at your upload speed.

So here at Roll-Call we provide managed internet speeds, in that you get as close to the same upload as download (40/60), all of the time. This works very well for those that work from home, run web pages, play online games or share media with friends and family.

Are you affiliated with Rise Broadband?


Are you affiliated with Hyperfusion?


Are you affiliated with AT&T?


Is your service Satellite?


Is your service DSL or Cable?


Well, what is your service then?

We have two services we offer our customers. First, Line of sight (LoS) terrestrial fixed wireless high speed broadband internet. We operate towers that use radio signals and line of sight to get internet wirelessly to your home or business. This service is fantastic for those that live in remote areas with little or no access to anything. Second, Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) high speed enterprise grade broadband. Depending on location, Roll-Call will run a fiber optic line to your residence or business using passive optical networks.

What does a line-of-sight radio require?

Our radio equipment requires line-of-sight with a local tower. The radios can connect to towers up to 8-13 miles away depending on terrain. The radio installed at your location must have line-of-sight with our tower in order to have a strong signal and provide a reliable connection. Any large tree, building, metal roof, mountain or other major barrier that obstructs this line-of-sight may interfere with the signal strength. It is advised that customers trim any trees that may be obstructing the radio. Often a pole is necessary to elevate the radio to a point where it can get the line-of-sight needed for a stable connection. At the time of site survey/installation our technician will determine if the pole is necessary. If we see an issue related to signal strength, we will dispatch one of our experienced technicians to recommend the best solution.

Will Roll-Call give me a static public IP address?

All customers will have a static public IP address associated to the service they pick, but it is not yours alone. Roll-Call has static public IP we will assign specifically for an additional $10 per month by request and availability.

How fast do you come fix my stuff if I have an issue?

We are at your house right now… seriously though it depends on the situation. Standards service calls can be as quick as the next day, but in natural disasters it might be a few days.

Will Roll-Call fix my network gear and wireless router?

If as a residential customer you purchase a wireless router from us, we will help you set it up at installation day and we will cover it under our warranty. However, our helpdesk folks are not obligated to assist in troubleshooting or fixing your network. We will always try to be helpful as we can in answering questions, but if it results in coming to address the issue in person we consider it a different service and charge hourly? For our enterprise clients that have our MSP subscription, we will fix all aspects of your network simply by logging a help desk ticket.