A Layered Approach

Flexible Scheduling

Meet compliance standards or security goals within your desired timeline by scheduling training courses for your entire workforce, individual departments or specific roles. Build micro-campaigns that run for a single month or schedule organization-wide training that spans the entire year.

With our Infosec IQ tool suite, you can start and stop training courses, add new training content and schedule new campaigns to jump start employee engagement at any time.

Real-time phishing training

Educate employees the moment they interact with simulated phishing emails to reinforce cyber security best practices in the teachable moment.

Deliver training tailored to the phishing attack employees fail to identify to personalize training and reduce repeat offenses. Real-time phishing training includes modules, phishing education pages and phishing indicators that highlight red flags employees should have spotted on the phishing email they clicked.

Event-Activated Learning

Deliver awareness training to employees based on their personal involvement in security-related events blocked by your endpoint protection provider.

If your endpoint protection software can report on it, you can now fully automate training around it. Provide continuous training for learners who attempt to:

  • Download malware

  • Execute hostile browser add-ons

  • Run macros or other malware-embedded attachments

Turnkey Training

Program plans

Quickly launch and manage your organization-wide security awareness program including simulated phishing campaigns and training for all cyber security topics recommended by NIST.

Our partner program plans provide recommended training tracks that run in quarterly, six-month or twelve-month periods. Program plans can also be customized to match your industry, employee roles and training timeline.

Campaign kits

Keep employees engaged in cyber security year-round with pre-built campaign kits. Our awareness campaigns supplement your compliance-based training program with entertaining training modules, eye-catching posters, a suite of training resources and a playbook to construct a multi-month campaign.

Select your favorite Roll-Call campaign kit and build a culture of security at your organization.

Communication tools

Whether you’re engaging employees with training resources or persuading the executive team to approve your next training campaign, you need a communication strategy to get it done.

Use our pre-built training notifications, newsletters and communication plans to effectively communicate your program road-map, training process and results.

Training posters, infographics & banners

Supplement training modules with posters, infographics and digital displays. Choose from our selection of themed training resources to deliver consistent messaging and reinforce cyber security best practices.

Hang posters in common areas, provide infographics as a supplemental training resource and add digital banners to your organization’s intranet or corporate newsletter to keep cyber security on every employee’s radar.

A custom Solution

Create custom modules with Publishing Assistant

Build your own training modules to educate employees on your organization’s security policies, processes or the unique security challenges your workforce faces.

With our partners Infosec IQ Publishing Assistant, you can quickly convert any PDF into a training module and add professional-grade voice-over narration in 18+ languages.

Customization for phishing training

Replicate the phishing attacks your organization is most likely to face with custom phishing templates:

  • Templates

  • Indicators

  • Custom Domains

  • Landing Pages

  • Education

Build your own assessments

Gauge learner retention of the cyber security topics that matter most to you. Learner assessments can be added to any training course to establish baseline knowledge or test improvement over time.

Customize existing assessments, assemble your own assessment from our 1,000+ question library or build your own assessment with custom questions.

Custom branding

Make this training platform your own with custom branding. Add your organization name or logo to training modules, email notifications, education pages and more.

Language Support

Select multinational training from the library of 1,000+ modules, SCORM packages and learner assessments. In addition to module voice-overs, course navigation and interactive exercises are translated to provide the best training experience for every employee.

Build learner groups to assign training based on language or location, or launch one course for your entire organization and allow employees to self-select their preferred language.

A Fulfilling User Experience

Personalized learning paths

One-size-fits-all security awareness and training doesn’t work. Infosec IQ allows you to automatically deliver training tailored to each employee’s role and security aptitude.

By delivering a customized training experience for each employee, you can boost engagement rates, reduce repeat offenses and prepare each employee for the security threats they are most likely to face.

Learner dashboard

Encourage learners to take an active role in their cyber security education with a personalized dashboard. The Infosec IQ learner dashboard allows employees to navigate between assigned courses, review progress on active courses and view their training history.

Learners can also download certificates for proof of completion on every course.

Employee accessibility

Learner-facing content in our partner systems is developed using guidance from Section 508 and WCAG 2.1 standards to make the platform more accessible to learners of all abilities.

The platform learner course page and training content includes screen reader support, complete keyboard navigation, video captions and more.

Security policy & completion certificates

Add your organization’s security policy to the training courses to track and document employee acknowledgement.

Do you want to congratulate employees when they complete a training course? Deliver a branded completion certificate to every employee who passes your assigned training course.