Cyber Security As A Solution

We take a hands on approach to securing our clients and not just an automated one.


Understanding the stakes

The visible damage sustained by corporations as a result of cyber breaches confirms what most of us in the industry already knew the global cyber threat is real and is not going away anytime soon. Our active hands on pursuit operations infrastructure provides organizations a unique set of solutions to defend themselves.

Roll-Call protects critical commercial and government networks. Our tailored Manned Information Security approach, along with training and traditional cyber services, is changing the cyber warfare paradigm and propelling the Roll-Call team to the forefront of the multi-billion cyber security professional services market.

The cyber threat has quickly risen to the top of the list of concerns for business leaders. The stakes are undeniable—reputation, privacy, valuation, and competitive advantage. The responsibility has shifted to the highest level executives, and every security decision will be scrutinized in the event of a cyber breach.


At Roll-Call we stand against the unwanted human presence within our clients corporate networks by attacking the root of the problem, the enemy’s ability to gain entry and remain undetected. Real-time pursuit operations identify signs of planned and active attacks and take action to neutralize them, forming the basis of our comprehensive approach to limiting your security exposure.


Cyber Defense / Threat Insight

There are many threats to a network and the assets contained within. The greatest threat being the elite, nation-state actor, whose sophisticated techniques shred standard security solutions and consumer off the shelf devices. They find vulnerabilities, enter, and stay hidden while extracting information of value.

Firewalls, security sensors, telemetry tools, and post-incident response protocols are no match for them. Our approach is direct and thorough. We identify vulnerabilities and determine how the adversary is likely to infiltrate and what they will likely be seeking. Then Roll-Call tracks them down and STOPS the attack dead in its tracks.

Roll-Call is building a veteran team of specialized operators from the Department of Defense and U.S. Intelligence Community, plus military branches and civilian expert sources like SANS. Roll-Call's team members have spent decades defending critical networks from the world's most dangerous hackers. Intimate knowledge gained from real world experience with the enemy's methods and tactics is crucial to our ability to fill the gaps created by passive "reactive model" security solutions.