Cyber Security Operations Center

The typical standard cyber-security solutions are valuable and necessary, but they are incomplete. The threats that pose the greatest risk are the elite cyber actors capable of finding gaps in standard defenses. This also includes insider threats most company CISO's neglect. We complete your cyber defense by filling those gaps. We offer holistic, intelligence based security postures for your networks.


Our always manned Security solution is a combination of manpower and sophisticated automation that is designed specifically to counter this reality by actively hunting for threats and deploying countermeasures to neutralize them. This active adversary pursuit is the core of our network and asset security operations services, which also include data breach remediation, executive cyber protection, and client-specific threat intelligence gathering. Roll-Call's Red-Team and Blue-Team operators are on the call 24/7 to serve our Texas clients.



Recently released statements reveal that 229 days is the average time a cyber intruder spends in a network before detection.

The Cyber Security Operations Center (C-SOC) is Roll-Call’s state of the art, manned security operations center, providing clients 24/7/365 remote computer network and asset defense. Our subscription-based remote defense and threat intelligence services are executed from this unique commercial cyber center.

The center provides full-spectrum remote security services including enemy pursuit, perimeter and host-based defense, network anomaly analysis, incident response, malware analysis and credential security. This suite of services offers our Texas clients the ability to scale, react and defend their proprietary networks at minimal cost. Because Roll-Call is completely in house and subscription based:

  1. Your company does not need to be married to just one platform;

  2. It does not need to hire hundreds of security personal to develop strategy;

  3. Nor does your company need to worry about upgrading to new technologies on their own;

Our state of the art Cyber Security Operations center has all of the tools needed to guard your networks, assets, and ensure your compliance. We hire the teams of professionals, so that you don't have to. We innovate and upgrade our technologies frequently to ensure you are protected by the newest and the best. Because we are a subscription, up front costs are significantly lower than our competitors and you have choices.


Roll-Call's decades of experience in the cyber security space and the expertise we've built has driven the development of numerous advanced capabilities that enhance the solutions and services we offer. These capabilities are a by-product of our passion for securing networks and our ongoing commitment to emerging technologies as part of our solutions set.

  • Cross-platform cyber tool development

  • Memory resident capabilities

  • Next-generation mobile and computer forensic solutions

  • Firmware engineering and forensic analysis

  • Quality Control and Assurance, Testing

  • Protocol Development and Legal Compliance

  • Cyber Project Management

  • Next-generation monitoring solutions

  • Secure, dynamic communications solutions

  • Customized cyber range development