Digital Forensics and Incident Response

From small incidents, such as a phishing attack to large-scale compromises, Roll-Call is your single point of contact. The team is staffed by internationally recognized experts who will help you analyze, coordinate, and resolve incidents. Incident Response complements our Endpoint Detection & Response and Network Security Monitoring, enabling you to uncover the details of a breach quickly and take action. Working hand in hand with your own security organization, our globally networked experts can help you handle even large incidents.


Be Ready to Take Action When It’s Needed

A swift and effective response is imperative after detection of a security compromise. The professional Roll-Call Emergency Response Team (White Cell) helps you mitigate attacks and minimize damage.

Here or There

Roll-Call provides rapid response to events and incidents from around the world 24 hours a day.

OCD level evidence collection

It doesn’t matter if we are pulling a bit-by-bit copy of a hard drive or sifting through 1TB of log files, we are going to get to the bottom of the incident and report it in terms you can understand.



Roll-Call experts are subject matter experts in this field and will provide witness testimony to our member agencies to ensure when an event or incident occurs, there will be prosecution.


Roll-Call can assist in providing cyber attack insurance to our clients for when the unthinkable happens, A BREACH. Insurance gives peace of mind so that your business can continue on while the forensic investigation is ongoing.

Be Prepared for Any Eventuality

The possibility of an attack against you is real. Our experts “White Cell” will follow up on any signs of a compromise, found either by Endpoint Detection & Response, Network Security Monitoring, customer alerts, or information from third parties. We analyze new information, triage it, and check for plausibility. We examine the full extent of any compromise and work to prevent similar attacks in the future. Roll-Call incident handlers and forensic experts have access to a worldwide network of peers and are thus able to act globally, minimizing impacts on customers.