Roll-CALL Current cOVERAGE mAP

Below is the current service map for our high speed internet. This map does not show, or include the areas we are expanding to. 

When you enter your address the map should zoom to your estimated location. The way our survey system is set up, is it assumes our device will be installed at least 12 to 14 feet off of the ground, If you fall in the green colored area, you are good to go. If you do not fall into that area, it does not mean you can't have service, it just means the device may need to be higher. Being higher means having a two story home or installing a pole or mast to achieve the needed height.

So what are the "costs" to Get Started?

This is a question we get asked all of the time, so we wanted to dedicated a page just for this so that we are as clear and transparent as we can possibly be.


We charge an up front installation fee that is due within 3 business days of you (the customer) signing the installation acceptance form (after your install is complete). This will be invoiced to you directly via email and can also be located inside your online customer account (the customer portal button on the top right).  This is not just your installation fee, but a 1 year warranty on the installation. That means if we have to come back out for any reason in a year, you don't pay again. Your installation fee covers the full install including cable run, the receiver and its provisioning, any additional equipment you specify, the setup of your chosen router and one network patch cable.

Please refer to warranty Page Here for more information on the warranty and what it covers.

Cost: $175 (tax-inclusive)


In this aspect, it is hard to say what the exact cost will be as the equipment needed varies based on where you are in relation to our towers. The further away, the bigger the device. So we wanted to give you (the customer) at least an idea of what to expect below. The total amount will be invoiced to you directly and separately via email or in your online customer portal. This invoice is not due for 30 days from the day you sign your installation acceptance form. Your equipment also comes with a 1 year warranty. This warranty protects you against factory defects, and acts of nature. We will come replace it for free.

NOTE: If we show up and it has bullet holes, that is not covered. 

** - Prices shown below do not include sales tax.

  • Finishing Wall plate $4.99

  • In-wall junction box $4.99

  • 3 foot Network Patch cable $3.50 (first one is free)

  • Cost of cable run ($0.68 per foot)

  • (if needed) 15’ Telescoping Mast $66

  • (if needed) 25' Telescoping Mast $150

  • (if needed) 40’ Telescoping Mast $210

  • (if needed) Free standing tower (for over 40 feet) $price varies call for quotes

  • Small J-pole for mounting device $14.12

  • Medium J-Pole for mounting device $33.75

  • Large under-eave J-pole for mounting device $70.00

  • (If you are within 6km) Customer Receiver $112

  • (If you are outside 6km) Customer Receiver $150

  • (Difficult to achieve signal or noisy area or beyond 17km) Customer Receiver $200

NOTE: Your installation covers one single drop, which is to say we run the primary CAT6 cable from the device to a place you select in your home (usually where you want your router to go). If you want us to run cables to other rooms it is an additional charge of $88 a drop (1 drop can contain 2 cables).

NOTE: Once you pay for the equipment it belongs to you, you own it. No rent fee's or the like. If you cancel your service you can sell the device back to us, or sell it online, we don't care, it belongs to you.

NOTE: The prices displayed above are estimates and are subject to change as the market changes.

Our Solutions

Roll-Call offers wireless broadband Internet access. The service is fiber optic speeds with customers only needing a Wi-Fi receiver and personal router. It helps to live within range of the signal which covers an effective 15km radius from point of center. There are plans to enlarge the coverage area as more customers sign up or demand services. Customers will be provided with dedicated services that are managed 24/7. No contracts required for wireless internet services. Receiver antenna will be supplied with professional installation at a one time cost to the customer and then you own it. Customer can purchase and supply their own router/gateway or buy one from us. We never impose data limits on your service, EVER!

** Each service level we offer may require you to purchase equipment and pay for professional installation. The amount depends on the service level, but it is a one time cost and then you own the equipment and never have to pay it again. We do this so that we don't have to be one of those companies that locks you into a contract or has to run your credit.

Service Levels we Offer

Why We Are Different


It is Roll-Call’s mission to provide fast, dedicated, managed wireless Internet access at a reasonable price to the generally underserved or forgotten rural areas. Rather than depending on the old models of asynchronous shared internet services that rely on burst speeds to appease customers with the illusion of fast internet, we will provide dedicated synchronous speeds so our customers actually get what they are paying for.

Recognizing the Problem

It is where you Live...

Because of relatively low population density, topographical barriers, lack of infrastructure, non-existent municipal services and greater geographical distances; high speed quality broadband internet service may be more difficult to obtain in some rural areas. This is also common with television services, business and home phone services. Rural areas have been subject to substandard services and extremely high costs because of the "last mile" mentality that ISP and communication companies typically have. The overwhelming infrastructure costs related to bringing such services to such a moderate customer base will not allow these companies to expand into rural areas, so they don't.

It is the options you have...

Alternatives are very expensive satellite services which rely on substandard and very congested internet speeds and leave the customers locked into long contracts, with high bills, and unhappy with the service. Other choices include the telephone company's DSL service that is passed off as high speed broadband and again locking you into long contracts. If neither of those you are left with the local cable provider, who often times can barely keep up with DSL and does not serve the entire rural area.

So What is the Solution?

Roll-Call Security & Communications (RCS&C) is an innovative military veteran owned company that seeks to provide dedicated high speed wireless broadband Internet connections and Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) to Central Texas Rural neighborhoods who have historically been under served, or not served at all. Utilizing high powered point-to-point Wi-Fi technologies and proprietary antennas and repeaters, Roll-Call will be able to serve a large area with high speed dedicated broadband Internet connections and IPTV services through our partnership program with Sling-TV and PlayStation Vue TV.

Our Promise to You

Our Internet and partner High Definition TV service does not need a phone line, a cable line an ugly satellite dish or a ton of equipment.  It uses a small antenna (16" or 19") on your roof to connect to one of our towers.  We currently cover: South Central Lampasas County and North Central Burnet County. We plan to expand coverage as possible and are adding roughly one tower every 9 months.

Why Switch to Roll-Call?

It is simple actually it's because we offer you the following:

  • No Data Limits
  • No Stupid Contracts
  • Low Cost Installation Fees
  • No ridiculous deposits ever!
  • No B.S.
  • Managed and Secure
  • Completely customizable service
  • Supports VoIP!
  • Supports Live Streaming TV!
  • Supports all gaming platforms!
  • Local Company, Local Service
  • Just Fast and Reliable Internet

Payment Options

Don't forget to look over the Privacy Policy, or the Roll-Call Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for more helpful information. We offer a variety of ways for you to pay for service. These include Cash, Check, Debit, Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, American Express and bank drafts. When you schedule your service date by clicking the links below one of our customers service experts will call to set up an appointment ON YOUR SCHEDULE (wow imagine that, we come when you ask us too). At that time you will have to answer a few questions:

  1. Is this service for a home or a business?
  2. Is this service needing HD TV? If so how many TV's?
  3. Is this service needing VOIP phone connectivity?
  4. Do you own your own router with wifi?
  5. Do you have a place already selected for the antenna to go?
  6. Do you know where you want the service to enter the home?
  7. What level of service speed would you like?
  8. Do you like hearing a duck quack?
  9. Would you like us to co-locate an HDTV antenna with your internet service?

These are the primary questions we will ask you when we call. We ask these questions so we know what to bring with us when we visit for the install. We also ask these questions to help you determine the speed you should use for your home and business. It also helps us determine what your installation cost will be (if you need a router we will sell you one, etc.)

So Let's Get Started