True Threat Intelligence Gathering

As business or government professionals it is IMPERATIVE that you don’t confuse data with intelligence. Roll-Call helps define the two.

Go big or go home

Roll-Call wades through the traditional feeds (MRTI) that are out there to pinpoint actual threats that apply to your business. We never take a generic approach to your security or ours.

Mitigate the unknown

Using decades of risk mitigation techniques and our selective analysis platform we can not only help you mitigate the unknown variables that pose a risk to your organization, but show you how.

Experience Matters

Roll-Call is continuously developing its “Blue Team” analysts and technicians and only hiring from the most experienced pools of talent to ensure our clients systems are protected from all angles.

The biggest collectors of cyber security facts concluded that traditional antivirus software misses more threats than it catches.
It was reported that anonymous has a bot-net so large it could possibly be in 80% of the systems worldwide.