Ford Reveals It's Latest Plans for Autonomous Cars in Austin


No, this is not something out of a science fiction film; we are indeed residing in the future. In November, Ford will be mapping out the streets of downtown Austin, one of the three cities chosen to unveil and test its new line of autonomous vehicles, and eventually spread out services throughout the entire city. The proposed car will be self-driving and will have two experienced drivers in case of any system malfunctions. Ford plans to have a fleet of these vehicles to hit the streets by 2021 for uses such as delivery services and taxis.

Until they release the specific vehicle aimed for the taxi and delivery service in Austin in 2021, they are currently using the hybrid Ford Fusion model to make this stuff of science fiction movies become a reality. The plans will all be made achievable by utilizing some of the most sophisticated software developed by a previously little-known tech company Argo AI. Argo AI was also responsible for the engineering and development of the car's autonomous camera sensors and LIDAR.

Along with teaming up with Argo AI, the American automobile giant also partnered up with another unlikely auto maker-Volkswagen. The deal was leverage for Ford to obtain the German automaker’s MEB platform to build a European version if a fully electric car in 2023. Along with the access to VW's MEB platform, Volkswagen will also invest over $2 billion in Argo AI, the Pittsburg-based company. This will be an exciting moment in history and technology once the projects are complete.