Asynchronous "Burst" Service vs. Dedicated Synchronous Service

What are the basics?

When you order typical internet services from commercial carriers for your home or business, what you are typically getting is called asynchronous internet service otherwise known as bursting. Regardless of who you purchase internet services through, there are bandwidth limitations on the hardware and infrastructure they are using. Lets say for example Company A has a max bandwidth of 500 Megabits per second upload and the same download. Ordinarily this means a company is limited on the number of subscribers that can use the bandwidth. Unless, they institute asynchronous bursting service. With that kind of service there may be 3 times as many users on the bandwidth as it can possibly support. Have you ever been on the internet at home around 6:00 PM? Ever notice how slow it gets? The reason is our competitors choose to flood their infrastructure with as many customers as possible to maximize profit at the expense of customer satisfaction. Nobody wants to sit down to a rousing game of "Call of Duty" just in time for internet lag.

So what does that mean for you?

Well, that means the more people that are on that network, the slower everyone's speed will get until it ultimately just crashes causing service outages. "Company A" might be charging you $50.00 a month for 6 Megabits down and 1 Megabit Up, but in all actuality during peak usage times you are more than likely only getting 1 Megabit Down and less that 1/4 of a Megabit Up (256 Kilobits). That is because no matter how fast they say your speeds can reach up to, you are only going to get what the service backhaul is capable of supporting. So if there are 2,000 customers on that 500Mbps backhaul and they all subscribed to the "Company A" 6/1Mpbs service, just do the math. Don't get us wrong, it is a great model for a business to make a TON of money, but it is always at the expense of the customer.

So how do we at Roll-Call fix that?

Easy, we instituted synchronous (sometimes known as dedicated) service for our customers. When you order a speed package from us, that is EXACTLY what you get, 24 hours a day without regard to peak times. It means that here at Roll-Call, we monitor the number of active subscribers we have, and keep them at a level that stays at or under our bandwidth limitations to ensure quality of service at all times. What you see, is exactly what you get!