Speaking with experience

Roll-Call understands the cognitive and philosophical aspects of cyber operations. Our curriculum provides the hands-on technical skills students require to attain a variety of advanced cyber-security qualifications. Partnering with InfraGard, the NSA, Infosec, CompTIA, the PMI, ISC2, and GAIC we instill the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for our students to defeat the adversary.

Our advanced cyber operations expertise powers the training we provide our Texas customers. The organization that serves as the credentialing authority for DoD cyber operators and the Isreali Defense Forces is available to train your organization's security and risk management professionals. Tailored specifically for each client, the training curriculum we offer includes:

  • Defensive cyber operations

  • Enemy pursuit methodologies

  • Systems forensics

  • Advanced programming methodologies

  • Mobile forensics

  • Wireless exploit and defend


The Roll-Call team also offers a range of traditional cyber security solutions, providing a single source solution for any organization's information security needs.

These basic services include:

  • Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing

  • Incident response

  • Cyber policy assessment

  • Network cyber security design analysis

  • Forensic data analysis

  • Malware analysis

Advanced Cyber security Training

Roll-Call employs and works with high level security cleared instructors and subject matter experts in the field of advanced computer network operations.

Our training areas include:

  • Forensics

  • Malware Analysis

  • Network Defense Administration

  • Wireless Exploitation and Attack for Defenders

  • Mobile Device Exploitation and Forensics

  • Windows Network Administration

  • Industrial Control System Protection

  • Corporate Mobile Device Management

  • Advanced Cyber-Security Operations

  • Pursuit Methodologies

  • Computer Network Exploitation for Defenders

  • Advanced Computer Network Exploitation for Defenders

  • Windows Fundamentals

  • Firewall Exploitation and Administration for Defenders

  • Linux Fundamentals