Pursuing Cyber Threats

In 2007, while the founders were attending their first cyber conference in Washington D.C. they first realized the giant gap in services to the private sector when it comes to pursuing cyber adversaries and prosecuting them. In 2017 when Roll-Call advanced in its cyber platforms it was decided this needed to be added to our service offerings. The methodology we use, originally developed for national defense in the different military branches cyber corps, takes a new approach to cyber security.


Agentless Recourse

Roll-Call utilizes agentless monitoring of Windows, Linux, and Unix systems, as well as network equipment – including operating system metrics, service state, process state, file system usage, and more. Our technologies allow IT administrators to deploy monitoring solutions without having to install agent software on each monitored system.

Interactive Cloud Integration

Roll-Call has at its disposal a multitude of tools to not only monitor and mitigate threats in our clients environments, but shut them down at the push of a button from anywhere in the world.


We integrate our methods and tools into your environment making a continuous level of security possible. As we are platform agnostic, we can work with what you already have, and make it better.

Of all of the cyber threats that exist none more than the Insider threat have caused as much damage to critical infrastructure, healthcare and intellectual property. The threat is real and it is impacting your business right now
— Anon