The Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin course is a two-day, in-class or online training course focused on the most important concepts in Enterprise Wireless Networking, with special emphasis on best practices for designing/managing UniFi WLANs. Learn with hands-on lab activities using the latest generation of UniFi APs, as well as the UniFi Controller platform.

Course Outline

  1. WLAN Fundamentals

  2. WLAN Planning

  3. Deployment

  4. Basic Adoption & Configuration

  5. Advanced Adoption & Guests


The Ubiquiti Broadband Wireless Specialist (UBWS) is Ubiquiti's one-day, in-class airMAX/airFiber training course for applied learning and entry-level certification. Be introduced to Ubiquiti's powerful wireless products, learn best practices in outdoor wireless networking, and get hands-on practice with airMAX AC equipment in an instructor-led classroom.

Course Outline

  1. Point-to-Point Links

  2. Point-to-MultiPoint Links

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